Recess YES! is a wellness initiative sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota that promotes daily activity for all North Dakotans. Increased physical activity – which is linked to improved cognitive performance and mental well-being as well as improved behavior – supports learning. We want to help you bring the benefits of physical activity into your classroom!

Check out the Recess YES! Music video below.

Download the RecessYES! Song.

Let's get ready to mooooove! Let's move, let's groove, let me hear you say "Ah-oooooo!" Let's get down and Recess YES!

Our Recess YES! Teacher's Kit contains resources and information on physical activity ideas – both inside and outside the classroom – for students and staff:

  • A CD of the Recess YES! song
  • A Classroom poster
  • A resource guide for ideas on incorporating Recess YES! into your classroom
  • Student commitment letters

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